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bob liked 2 months ago
Great opportunity... If you are interested in purchasing a home or real estate in Castropignano email for more information.
Castropignano updated 2 months ago
Club Castropignano member Glenn Carley wrote this wonderful book called "Il Vagabondo An Urban Opera " about a Castropignano family (the Molinaro's) and their life in Canada and the welcoming of the future son in-law "An Inglese". The book brings... (More)
Peter commented 2 months ago
Both my parents were born in Castropignano, Italy.
Left to Right:
Gennaro (Jerry) Paolone, Grazia Paolone, Nick Paolone, Heidi Paolone, Nicholas Paolone, Isabella Paolone, Luca Paolone, Laurie Paolone, Gavin Bos, Logan Bos, Kathy Paolone Bos, Travia Bos
Laurie liked 2 months ago